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None of us is as good
as all of us together

13 years of solutions

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What drives us?


We want to be a company that contributes to the development of people, companies and institutions, in other words, the country and the world, acting as role models through well executed work; work performed with passion, empathy, commitment and transparency, always with the hope that our performance results in a gain and contribution for both parties.


To be a transformative tool that creates value through the implementation of processes that help our clients define and communicate their values with efficiency, energy, innovation and passion for what we do, building long term bonds with our customers and collaborators.

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Our Values

Our Powers

When applied to every project, our powers turn any job into a work of excellence, which is as important to us as it is to our clients.

Equipo Estable

Claudia Zapata


+56 9 9047 8294

Magdalena Villarroel

Director of Content

+56 9 9254 6492

María Ignacia Magofke

Senior Designer - Accounts

+56 9 8979 1264

Vicente Marambio

Senior Designer

+56 9 8501 7901

Paloma Garling

Senior Designer

+56 9 9539 5154

Jorge Ospina

Senior Designer

+56 9 9183 3862

Eilin Gonzalez

Senior Designer

+56 9 7747 2640


Takes care of our space

Luis Felipe Stange

Founding Partner – Consultant

+56 9 8199 3335

Diego Senosiain

Founding Partner – Director

+569 81598528

External Consultants

Clarisa Menteguiaga

Branding Consultant

Daniel Sovino


Kiran Polapragada


Cristóbal Marambio


Catalina Escalante


Gerardo de la Maza