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Our actions describe us
as much as we describe them.

What is Branding and how do we approach it?

We see branding as the process that defines the elements - sensory, language and actions - that identify a brand.

We see companies as a projection of the people that make up that company. Therefore, companies have values, behaviors, dress codes and different ways of speaking, which all together define their personality. Personality is the set of traits and qualities that shape a person's way of being - or a company's - and sets them apart from the rest.
Here at ZET, we develop the brand and together with the customer we define the set of values, objectives and actions that set them apart from the rest. We create a strong visual identity and a set of messages to clearly and accurately communicate the value of your company or product.

We take a comprehensive approach to the development of each and every project, keeping in mind the 3 areas that make up a brand's personality: